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About Go-Karts 'R' us

Home Office: 490 Marshall Rd. Waterloo, NY 13165

Go-Karts 'R' us was originally formed in 1996 as an online selling source to our brick & mortar- True Value Hardware Store.

Our Go-Kart History- It all started back in 1996 when hardware store owner KJ Miller's brother-in-law John, came in to our Geneva NY store inquiring about an American Express Go-Kart, not for him, but for his young son Andrew.  Apparently John saw an ad for this model in his local Rochester (NY) Newspaper, thinking it would be a perfect gift for his son Andy. KJ, quickly made some calls and had a Manco dealership up and rolling within a Months time.  KJ recalls "I remember it very well, I personally assembled his Am-Ex Go-Kart once it arrived via truck freight. I then rolled it out by our front door's store entrance.  I then promptly phoned my Brother-in-law to come down and pick it up, I could tell he was quite excited, and.. I was also!, man, it was really COOL!. I was wanting to ride it really bad, but knew I had to keep it pristine for John's pickup in a few hours.  So after getting off the phone with John, I noticed a small crowd forming around the Kart out front. I immediately went out to hear what the jibber was all about?. Oh believe me, I knew it was going to get interest and stir up the locals like it did me!. Before I said a word, I immediately heard shouted words of 'how much?'  and,  'I'll take it!'... After disclosing why and what it was there for, I had 3 standing orders with down-payments for more Am-Express machines, guess the 1 initial unit was a mere tease!" says KJ Miller.

The success of selling Go-Karts & Parts out of our NY store was actually overwhelming at first. We would get a whole truck load in, KJ and a couple of other employees would assemble them, roll 'em out front, and they would all be gone by weeks end. This success took us to the next level... KJ then decided to show them off at events like our local Car Shows, Empire Farm Days was a big one. We actually gave test rides there for the first year, well until Insurance/liability issues were too great (dollar wise) to overcome. Wowza~! Go-Karts were soon becoming a common household name around here in central NY!.  KJ, being the power-related talent of the business; as he always has had multiple Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and other Off-Road vehicles, was a natural to lead our Company to the next level... The infamous Internet. It took a full 2 years from 1996-1998 to grow locally, then into the national scene with the Internet and our website(s).

Modern Days: Our Products w Our Computer Skills!

We've taken our Power-Sports talent, combined it with our Computer skills all customized to our Customer needs, want's and interests. We get the best of both worlds! This all started back when we first went to the Internet in '98. With our pure passion for Power-Sports related machines, combining it with our computer skills, the Internet is just a natural for us, and a whole new level of national consumer/customers. :-)

Today, Go-Karts 'R' us primarily sells exclusively via the Internet. Our NY Store now houses offices only, and a Parts Dept. used for East Coast shipping. The need for selling on a National platform is much more grand than our once thriving local store sales were. In layman's terms, we found out that NY had too many "off season" sales-days, while, states like Florida, Texas and California were 365 days a year!.

We currently ship from 4 warehouses (hubs), including some out-going shipments from the home-based NY one. We stopped displaying units there back in 2004, it was sad, but at the same time, we needed to put all of our focus and labor into the vast Internet sales (website). Your shipment(s) may come from any of the warehouses, it all depends on stock status and your proximity to our shipping hub. Our staff dictates this, all you need to know is that your shipment will arrive promptly, safe and secure. :-)

 To all of you, from all of us at Go-Karts 'R' us - Thank you and Happy Online Shopping!

KJ Miller, Pres./Owner
Go-Karts "R" us. LLC.

Site Administrator (php,js & html coder-programmer).

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