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 WHOLE UNITS   (Karts, Buggies, ATV's)

Un-opened Boxes/Crates may be returned, the following criteria must be met:
** Product was never assembled.
** Product parts/accessories never opened.
** No oil or gasoline ever loaded in engine.
** All Manuals/Warranty card still sealed in bag.
** Return Request within 30-days from Delivery Date
You the purchaser/consumer are responsible for all return freight & handling costs.
Please contact us if you have a problem, we normally can work something out with the Mfgr, as they are very easy to work with on a problem. Remember customer satisfaction is their business and that sells machines for them!



Parts are returnable if unused (never installed) and in brand new resellable condition, but are subject to a 20% restocking charge (RSC). This fee helps offset the office paperwork along with the discounted or zero shipping fee that you may have received on the order. Discounted (or Free) shipping is for delivered/kept items only, so this offset is necessary for operating costs. All parts returned are to be returned within 30 days of receive date, no exceptions. Beware some parts are actually "Special order parts" and may be returnable, but a 35% restocking fee. You the customer/consumer are responsible for all return shipping & insurance. Original shipping & handling charges are not refundable. Please be careful when ordering, parts are not over the counter department store items. So, PLEASE pick only by PART# (that your parts manual instructs). Never pick parts by description or image.


 DAMAGED SHIPMENTS    (Whole Units or Parts)

Please inspect your package(s) for possible outside damage and note any (if initially found) on signed receipt/BOL from carrier. On any drop-off packages (packages left by carrier without you signing), and, you find damage, please contact us immediately so we can initiate a claim and start your replacement shipment. You the customer/consumer are responsible for the return shipping. If return item(s) are discovered as damaged in shipping we may be able to recover your return shipping through the original carrier (damage claim). Note that this is optional and is not a given as the carrier "may" offset/refund this cost and is the one solely responsible for this decision. Please include your return shipping receipt in your return package, box or crate. All damaged item(s) MUST be returned for inspection, no exceptions. Parts return orders; Please do not send us your old parts you are replacing, our technicians know the difference and it will be a waste of time on both parts as your claim will be denied for such Un-honest acts



Any assembled or partially assembled machines. All Electric and/or Gas Powered and un-Powered Vehicles (ridable or drivable merchandise) are sold as a registered sale. Once out of the factory condition (Boxed as), the machine is not in a re-sellable or returnable condition. There are no returns on these Machines. (We have no re-sellable value in a "used" machine,nor did we ship you one either!). So, these machines are NOT returnable under any circumstances. You the purchaser/consumer would be responsible for any resell on your behalf. If your machine is in this state, (i.e.) you have added oil & gas, the merchandise is now in the warranty phase, and can be handled in that respect only.



Any installed or used part(s). Also, any Electrical parts (i.e.) CDI boxes, Voltage Regulators etc. These parts are surge sensitive and are very easily damaged by a customers unit, with hidden and un-seen results. So, they cannot be returned or resold by us as we would not re-ship these to another customer. 99.9% of these electrical parts "not working" are a result of failure due to the machine they get installed on. Please use a certified/qualified technician for all electrical issues.



How to Create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)


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