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   PARTS  (Domestic 48 States)   

Shipping Methods?

During Checkout within the Shipping Page, some orders may be presented with alternate Shipping Methods. Normal Shipping is "Best Way". You may need your order more quickly and at a shorter days-in-transit. Please beware, expedited shipping is only half reasonable when you are talking about envelopes, or other light weight shipments. Parts are usually not, also dimensional packaging/sizing comes into play. Both of these factors make expedited shipping quite expensive. Below we will example a $62, 4ib package shipment. Overnite Saturday is almost ridiculous, but I can't say that if I'm a delivery driver, that I would want to work on Saturday either. We highly recommend staying with the normal "Best Way".

Shipping Methods Example

Shipping Carriers Chosen by our ship personnel (sorry, buyer cannot select carrier, only ship method)....

  • Best Way: USPS Parcel, USPS Select, USPS Priority, UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.
  • Priority: UPS 2nd Day Air or USPS Priority Mail
  • Overnite Weekday: UPS Next Day Air, USPS Next Day Express, FedEx Overnite
  • Overnite Saturday: UPS Next Day Saturday, USPS Next Day Saturday

Best Way! How much will I get charged? As noted in the grid (below) or as an example: if your parts order totals $62.. then the shipping will be just $7, add a few more parts to get your order to $105, then shipping drops to just $5 and so on. All orders over $199 will ship free! The online shopping cart will compute your shipping costs automatically upon checkout based on your order total.

 Discount Shipping Grid

Please Order Smart! On small orders, it may pay to add an additional wear & tear part to your order to help cover shipping costs, in some instances the part is even absorbed by the savings in shipping.

Any size order accepted? Yes, we accept any size order. But to be a little smart-shopping-savvy, we suggest ordering enough items/parts to offset the shipping costs to you. The shipping grid is based on the more you buy, the more you save.

What about Returns? All normal (non-special order) parts can be returned with a 20% restocking fee, parts must be in original packing and never used nor installed. Any electronic parts (ie CDI boxes) are not returnable. Parts are not department store over the counter items so please BE CAREFUL when ordering! Never guess or speculate, order only parts that are meant for your machine and picked by part number; from your parts manual.  You are responsible for all return shipping. *Some parts may actually be non-inventoried or "special order" parts. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery time for these part orders.



   WHOLE UNITS    (ie) Go-Karts, Buggies, ATVs

Items weighing in access of 140lbs have to ship Motor Truck Freight. Most all of our Go Carts, Dune Buggies or ATV's are very heavy and cannot be shipped using any other method. So if you order a "Whole Unit" from our online shop, expect it to come by Motor Freight!. This shipping method is generally the most expensive of all freight shipping methods due to the equipment needed to move & handle (deliver) these large and heavy items. Go Karts R us features FREE basic shipping on all orders over $200 using this method.




Naturally freight charges (to us) will apply, but we "absorb" the shipping & handling charges on larger orders (over $200). The Free Shipping policy is only with a completed (processed) and accepted (delivered) transaction. On any returned items you will NOT be back-charged shipping as "free shipping" actually means free, but the normal restocking fee (see Customer Service) applies. All smaller items are shipped Standard Truck Freight (usually tractor trailer) and is tailgate delivery only... however!, most truck drivers will help you with your freight, but they are not required to do so. Please have strong & willing help available, the more help you arrange to have, the easier it is on everyone! (note your items shipping weight). As an option (additional charge), you can order Lift-gate Delivery service, this will lower your freight to the ground for easier handling. If your order is shipped to a residential address, the trucking firm may notify you by phone a day ahead of your scheduled delivery, if you are having your item shipped to a business address (some larger machines require this method only) you will receive a tracking web page of your shipping transaction.



   LIFT GATE DELIVERY (optional cost)     (ie) Go-Karts, Buggies, ATVs

Heavier items (most notably ATV's and Go Carts) are offered with "Lift-gate Delivery Service". This service is optional and is not included in the Free Shipping, however you can simply add the optional service to your heavy-freight item by selecting the option (if available it is usually listed under the items description). Please be aware that by adding this option you are getting your shipment transferred to a special truck outfitted to perform the lift gate service. There is a fee in which truck companies charge for this, and it is passed on to the customers who choose to have this option at delivery time. We strongly recommend this for residential deliveries. Your driver will help you when you opt for this service. The actual "add-on" charge for this is listed in the option field under the items description.




Any shipment outside the Contiguous 48 States (ie. Hawaii, Alaska and Outlying US Islands) and ALL International shipments will have an additional shipping charge added at time of checkout in the "Shipping Confirmation page". This additional cost is to offset the freight & handling charges to your destination. You may safely back out of the shopping cart within the shipping page if your additional shipping costs are more than you wish to pay. No payment will be asked for as the Shipping page is prior to the Payment page for this purpose. Note! Some International shipment may also have a Duties or Customs fee added by your Country at time of delivery. We do not have any control over this nor do we know if it will actually happen and how much the charges may be. Please be warned that this is entirely up to your Country and cannot be removed or altered by us. You (the buyer/receiver) of the package(s) would be responsible for any of these additional charges that your Country may imply or ask for at time of delivery. Please contact your proper Customs or Border agent to answer any questions you may have on any of this prior to ordering.



   DIFFERENT ADDRESS SHIPPING    Big Ticket Items only (ie) Go-Karts, Buggies, ATVs

If you are having your shipment sent to another address other than your Credit Card Billing Statement address, then you will be required to include this DA FORM (fax# is on top of form, or you can mail it to us). Your order is on hold until we receive this Different Address Form. This DA form will remain on record for your future purchases as long as you login and use your same account (phone, name and address all match last order). This is for your security and again upholds our effort to stop Credit Card fraud and misuse. A simple way to avoid this additional step, simply have the shipment come to your Billing Address!... but if you can't?, the DA Form method will get your order and freight BOL in process. Again, this is for "Big Ticket" items only, not small parts orders.



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