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 How long does it take to get my order? 

Depending on your part(s) ordered and your region, usually within 2-10 days. You may opt for faster shipping in the Checkout Page. This range covers the entire US including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico

 How do I get tracking information? 

We send (to the email you enter-in at order time) Tracking as soon as it becomes available, this is usually 24-48 business hours after you place the order. If you created an Account, you can log into that as well and it will display your orders along with Tracking for each. If you cannot do either, Contact-us and inlude your Order Number.

 Can I cancel an order after I place it? 

Two answers here; Yes if it hasn't already shipped out, and No if it has already shipped. Contact us s soon as you can, include your order# and we'll do our best to catch it before a carrier accepts it.

 Can I return items that I don't use? 

Yes, but don't speculate on parts, it's not a good idea and it costs both of us. You will be charged a 20% RSC (Re-Stocking Charge). Parts are not over the counter Department store items, so be careful when ordering and use only your parts manual (that is for your particular model).

 Is return shipping costs free? 

Only on mis-shipped items. And its all by part#, so if you ordered part#12345, but received part#12346, then yes we'll issue you a pre-paid return shipping label. But!, If you ordered part#12345 and received that part# but it's not the part you really need, then no, it is your responsibility and cost to return the part.

 Why does some free shipping products have an additional delivery charge? 

Heavy or large/over-sized Items will get a freight "Adder". This is over the base shipping which is being covered, but due to the size (or weight) of the item there is an add-on. More expensive parts (profit margins) may actually absorb most or all of this Adder, and then this won't be shown on the products page.

 Can I pickup my parts? 

We use to offer this option out of our Geneva NY store, but ever since Covid, we have discontinued any such service and will probably continue to be entirely ship-to's only.

 Can I call you to talk about parts I might need? 

You can call us (315.670.1410) but your best bet is email. Contact-us and we can work with an audit trail of our conversations, also direct your question to the appropriate Technician or Salesperson.

 Can I talk with a Technician on the phone? 

In the olden days, yes. But offering discounted prices, the margin is just not there to put high priced Techies on the phone all day. Bottom line is that everyone wants the lowest prices, and email works just fine and your question gets directed to the right person (so it's actually much better than waiting on hold and still not getting what answers you need!).

 Are your parts as good as the Manufacturers OEM? 

Our parts are all OEM, we don't sell the eBay or Amazon ones that are the cheap knock off's that simply fail all too quickly.

Are your parts sold as eaches or by pairs etc.? 

99% of all Power-Sport Parts are sold by the Eaches, unless!; clearly noted in the products description that it is a Pair or Set of....

 What if I can't find my part on your site? 

Contact-us with your Part# and basic description, we will do our best to get you the part.

 Do you ship on the weekends? 

Some small packages may go out on a Saturday, we are actually closed but carry a very limited staff, this lightens our busy Monday workload.

 Do I get charged tax? 

Currently only shipments to NY State.

 Can I add on to an order after I place it? 

No, mainly because we are PCI compliant, but Contact-us immediately so we can cancel the order, credit you back in full, and then you can replace the order with the correct parts you need. This needs to be done before it is shipped out.

 If I order the wrong part, can I exchange it for the correct one? 

We only accept returns for refund back to your payment source.

 What if I find a part cheaper somewhere else? 

Let us know, remember that we will compare with shipping included, and especially for OEM quality, so please do not ask for knockoffs on eBay or Amazon, but other than that, we want to serve you quality OEM parts at the lowest prices!

 Do you ship to Australia? 

Yes, on the Homepage of our site, there is a button for "Ship-to" Countries.

 What if my part breaks after I install it? 

Contact us, It's rare but parts can have a manufacturer's defect. We know parts and the behavior of, so also if it's also common to something causing it, we'll know all about it!

 What if I want to buy big quantities of a certain part, do you offer even a better price? 

It depends on the part and quantity, contact-us and we'll see what we can do!

 Can I order by phone? 

Sorry, we no longer accept Cards over the phone. PCI compliance means we can't know or even see your Credit Card Number. Security is high priority and we strive for the best & safest possible shopping experience, always!

 I see Coupon Codes on the Checkout page, how do I get one? 

Three ways, 1: infrequently we may offer a "special day sale", this will have a pop-up box on the homepage if/when available. 2: Another way is if you returned an over-shipped part, we then would offer you a code for that cost/value. 3. There is also Military and Quantity Buyers Discount Code Programs that utilize this.

 Do you or can you sponsor our project, it's for a good cause!? 

We get this quite often, while we want to support these great projects and adventures, most likely we cannot due to the volume of inquiries. What we can possibly do is donate a couple of GKRU T-Shirts or something like that. Contact-us!

 I work for a School and we purchase with PO's, can you accept them? 

We can, but not as a form of Payment. If you require a quote, you can add your items to the Shopping Cart, Print out (without cashing out). Post purchase; if you require any additional Invoices, please let us know.

If you have a common or popular question that's not on our list^, please feel free to add it  here 

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