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Tracking Manually:



   Type or copy/paste in your tracking number here...   

             Above Tracking results will open in a new Browser Tab ❏



Tracking by Email:




   Tracking is sent in 4 stages:

  1. Shipment Confirmation
  2. Estimated Delivery Date
  3. Out For Delivery
  4. Delivered to Destination
Mobile. device tracking view
Tablet device tracking view
Desktop device tracking view


  • Please check your spam folder or bin. Email is awesome, but spam filters are not!
  • Did you type in your email correctly at order entry or account creation?
  • If either has happened, no worries, you can correct it for the next order. In the meantime:  Submit a Tracking Link Request 




Tracking within your Account: (If you chose to create one)



1. Log-in to your Account (if you haven't already done so).

Log into your Account


2. Fill-in your details (if  you have previously logged-in to your account, your browser may have filled these in for you)

Log-in to your Account


3. Select the Order you wish to Track (You may also do this through "My Orders" under your My Account box).

Note: If the order is still in "Pending" or "Processing" modes, there will be no tracking available yet. Please check back!

Review Orders


4. Click "Track your order"

Select Track Shipment



    <  New Pop-up Window/Tab appears  >       (note: you may need to allow popups; in your browser)

  5. Click the "Track" button.

Tracking Popup



6. All your tracking information will now be displayed.

Tracking Results



Tracking Request 



Request a Tracking Link

Order Details for Tracking Information





Tracking FAQ



 Where do I find my tracking? 

You are in the right location, this Tracking Help page has all your answers, and in full detail!

 Why is my tracking empty or not showing any progress? 

You need to give it 24-48hrs, the shipping companies first priority is to get your shipment underway, then comes the paperwork.

 My tracking is going to the wrong address? 

Contact-us with your Order Number and give us the brief details, we will investigate it.

 My tracking is showing up as "Held at Hub...." 

Unfortunately this is not in our control, but, you should contact the courier and inquire. Sometimes it's held for a delivery address issue/problem.

 My tracking says Delayed 

Usually if you wait a day or so, the parcel continues on. Logistics business is very complex, but if you don't see it moving in that time, contact the courrier.


✔️ If you would like to add to this FAQ, Please Submit it here





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