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Shipping & Delivery
Discount Shipping Grid click here (the more you buy, the less shipping is!) DOMESTIC 48 STATES ONLY
Order Smart! On small orders, it may pay to add an additional wear & tear part to your order to help cover shipping costs, in some instances the part is even absorbed by the savings in shipping. Any size order accepted? Yes, we accept any size order. But to be a little smart-shopping-savvy, we suggest ordering enough items/parts to offset the shipping costs to you. The shipping grid is based on the more you buy, the more you save. Why this system? Simple economics. Let's say you only order a $3 part. Maximum profit after stocking this part is probably under .50 cents, we then pick the part (labor) pack the part (labor) box and use packing material. If we then charged actual shipping we would not be in business for any future purchases as you can see it would be a (-) costly sale. Now... if we sell you $70 worth of parts, our working margin can (absorb) some or even all of the freight costs. Bottom line, we want to save both you and us time & money.. that's why this is all explained out... How much will I get charged? As noted in the grid, or as an example: if your parts order totals $62.. then the shipping will be just $7, add a few more parts to get your order to $105, then shipping drops to just $5 and so on. All orders over $200 will ship free! The online shopping cart will compute your shipping costs automatically upon checkout, based on your order total.
Upon Checkout, you will see your shipping charges displayed as per your Country or Region. These charges are considerably much higher than domestic and do NOT include any import duties, terriffs or taxes that your County may impose; upon delivering your package. In past transactions, we have heard of many of cases with zero add-on charges, while some Countries will impose this on certain amounts etc., we do NOT know this information prior to shipping. Go-Karts "R" us ships as Mchdse (not gifts), and with true $US Dollar amounts (less shipping charges). If you feel your shipping is excessive, please contact us and we can investigate this and possibly adjust the shipping prior to you checking out. Note; this cannot be done once you "Submit" an order, so an shipping questions should be done prior to "Submitting" the Order.
Items weighing in access of 140lbs have to ship Motor Truck Freight. Most all of our Go Carts, Buggies and ATVs are very heavy, and, cannot be shipped using any other method, so if you order a Go Cart from our online shop, expect it to come by Motor Freight!. This shipping method is generally the most expensive of all freight shipping methods due to the equipment needed to move & handle (deliver) these large and heavy items. Go Karts "R" us features FREE Shipping on all orders over $200 using this method. For additional features or options to standard freight delivery, there is a charge, if you're confused on any of these optional shipping features, please contact us.
OUTSIDE Contiguous 48 States
Hawaii, Alaska and Outlying US Islands will have an additional shipping charge added at time of checkout in the "Shipping Page". This additional cost is to offset the freight & handling charges to your destination. You may safely back out of the shopping cart within the shipping page if your additional shipping costs are more than you wish to pay. No payment will be asked for as the Shipping page is prior to the Payment page for this purposeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Privacy & Security
We have a full Privacy Statement posted onsite. Our site is fully 256 bit encrypted for your security. We do not share ANY information supplied on our site.
Returns & Replacements
What about Returns? All normal (non-special order) parts can be returned with a 20% restocking fee. Parts are not department store over the counter items so BE CAREFUL when ordering! Order only parts that are meant for your machine. Do not speculate! You are responsible for all return shipping. *Some parts may actually be non-inventoried or "special order" parts. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery time for these part orders.
All product ordering is now completely done through the website. We can no longer accept any phone orders due to our PCI compliance.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Our site accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover. Sorry, we do not accept American Express. PayPal is another option as well as Check formats shown in/on the Checkout Payment Page.
Viewing Orders
Simply log-in to your Account. Within your account menu, you will see a link for Orders. After selecting this, you will then highlight or select the Invoice of concern.
Updating Account Information
You may from time to rime need to update your Account Info. You simply log-in to your Account, then select/(click) Account and change/alter what is needed. Remember that some Credit Card orders will need to match the billing to shipping address. This is done by the fraud filter checks your Card will go through at checkout time. We do not conrol how strict this process will be, but many Card owners report that they have to have a match the shipping address to the billing address. If you are unsure, contact your Card Co. to assure you of the address that is setup with them.

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